Name Changes of NY Fishes

Contributed by Doug Carlson, Posted 5/21/24: Changes in names of New York’s inland fishes include several commonly caught members. Most noteworthy among the changes are: The Largemouth Bass known here in the north continues with the same common name, but the species name went from salmoides to nigricans Bowfin has become the Emerald Bowfin, Amia... Read More

Inaugural ‘Fintastic’ Science Blog Award

Contributed by Scott George, Posted 3/13/24: Congratulations to Doug Carlson for receiving the inaugural, ‘Fintastic’ Science Blog Contribution Award at the NYCAFS 2024 annual meeting. Doug has been a strong supporter of the Science Blog since its inception in 2015. Going forward, the author of the Science Blog post with the most views in the... Read More

Piloting the Future of eDNA Sampling in New York

Contributed by Scott George, Posted 8/29/23: During June and July 2023, the USGS New York Water Science Center partnered with Smith-Root and the USGS READI-Net Program to pilot the use of a new prototype robotic eDNA sampler. This robot was installed inside the USGS streamgage at the Hudson River in Troy, NY. The robotic sampler... Read More

Northern Sunfish recovery efforts on Tonawanda Creek

Contributed by Doug Carlson and Jim Haynes, Posted 8/3/23: Studies of Northern Sunfish (Lepomis peltastes), a Threatened Species in New York, in waters near Buffalo were most active from 2004-2014. An encompassing reporta of the findings was published by Dr. Jim Haynes (SUNY Brockport) and coauthors, and it concluded that this fish had become extirpated... Read More