Diversity Travel Award

The New York Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is offering two diversity-based “travel” awards to attend the annual meeting, March9-11, 2022 held through a virtual meeting platform. The meeting’s theme is “Fishing the Canyons: From Skyscrapers to the NY Bight”. These awards are designed to encourage diversity within the chapter, allowing recipients from underrepresented... Read More

Progress in Lake Sturgeon Recovery

Contributed by Lisa Holst, Posted 1/27/22: NYSDEC just announced great news about Lake Sturgeon restoration efforts in New York State. Follow this link to read the entire press release: DEC ANNOUNCES PROGRESS IN LAKE STURGEON RECOVERY. Read More

19th annual Day in the Life of the Hudson River

Contributed by Scott Wells, Posted 12/9/21: For a seventh straight year, DEC’s Region 4 Fisheries organized a group effort in support of this growing outreach event despite the ongoing pandemic. After an off year in 2020, we assembled 15 staff from seven different programs in 2021. River sampling was conducted at three different locations over... Read More

Mooneye populations in New York

Contributed by Doug Carlson, Posted 11/1/21: This spring-summer, major steps were made toward updating the status of the Threatened fish species, Mooneye (Hiodon tergisus) in three of the six regions of New York. In the three regions with reports in 2021, the Oswegatchie River had the most records or over 60 captures. Also, there were... Read More