Save the Date!
2020 NY AFS Annual Meeting  |  February 5-7, 2020  |  High Peaks Resort  |  Lake Placid, New York

The 2019 NY AFS Annual Meeting presentations are now online!
We have uploaded the presentations to the NY AFS Youtube channel.

Check out the video from the R workshop held in April 2019.

17th annual ‘Day in the Life of the Hudson’

17th annual ‘Day in the Life (DIL) of the Hudson River -Watershed’: contributed by Scott Wells Posted 11-13-19: For a fifth straight year, DEC’s Region 4 Fisheries organized a group effort in support of this growing public outreach event. Our expanded range now included the upper and lower Hudson River and the lower Mohawk River... Read More

Lake Ontario Bloater restoration: hints of success

Lake Ontario Bloater restoration: hints of success: contributed by Brian Weidel Posted 11-12-19: Bloater (Coregonus hoyi) are a pelagic fish species native to Lake Ontario that inhabited deep, offshore habitats. Commercial fishery records suggest the species was historically abundant in Lake Ontario, but by the 1970s, was rare. Lake Ontario restoration began in 2012 by... Read More

Eels on the Radio

Eels on the Radio: contributed by Karin Limburg Posted 10-1-19: NYC AFS members Chris Bowser and Sarah Mount are featured (around 20:50 minutes:seconds into the interview) in this radio piece exploring the mystery of American Eel reproduction. Follow the link below and then click on the “Silky Love” episode. Read More

2019 Great Hudson River Fish Count

2019 Great Hudson River Fish Count: contributed by Scott Wells Posted 9-4-19: Multiple state agencies and affiliated offices were represented at the 8th annual Great Hudson River Fish Count event held on Saturday August 10 at Peebles Island and the Corning Preserve. DEC Fisheries staff led a team of 11 to sample via eboat prior to... Read More