Job Opening: Senior Research Support Specialist (New York Natural Heritage Program, Albany, NY);jsessionid=D872A291F8ED4EC453B82CC3064C1FA4?JOBID=115732

Title:  Senior Research Support Specialist

Descriptive Title:  End User Support Specialist

Department:  New York Natural Heritage Program, Albany, NY

Salary:  Minimum $42,000

Location: Albany, NY


  • Provide front-end user support via phone, email, and webinars for:
    • NYNHP supported apps, including the Watercraft Inspection Steward Program App (WISPA), iMap Mobile App, iMap Advanced Mobile App, Simple Aquatic Survey (SAS), Rapid Assessment (RA), Lake Management Tracker, and Forest Pest;
    • iMapInvasives 3.0, including data-entry, map navigation, and user accounts, roles, and permissions;
    • ArcGIS online dashboards including dashboards for the Watercraft Inspection Steward Program, high-priority species and locations, and aquatic infestations.
  • Lead and support the iMap Certified Trainers Network with regular email communication, periodic webinars, and training materials.
  • Communicate about iMap to users and the general public, which will include:
    • Maintaining;
    • Engaging users via social media, such as Facebook and Instagram;
    • Working with the iMap team to create and distribution of the iMap Newsletter (two issues/year);
    • Maintaining a set of standard iMap materials such as PowerPoint slides, PDFs, handouts, etc.
  • Provide WISPA support to Boat Launch Stewards including conducting pre-season training webinars for participating organizations.
  • Monitor the iMap email inbox and follow-up as appropriate.
  • Assist with other iMap Team needs such as:
    • Sending out periodic emails to all iMap users;
    • Reviewing and confirming reports of some of the more common invasive species;
    • Conducting bug tests on iMapInvasives;
    • Creating iMap year-end reports.

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