NYCAFS – Klumb-Spindler Student Travel Awards

Klumb-Spindler Student Travel Awards

The New York Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is offering student travel awards to attend their annual meeting, February 8-10th, 2023. The meeting’s theme is “Then and Now: Dynamic Fisheries in Changing NY Waters”. These awards are given to promote student research and facilitate student interaction with the fish and aquatic science community in New York and the surrounding region by supporting travel to the annual meeting. We encourage all students to apply regardless of the stage of their research. Project idea talks are often well received. High school, undergraduate, or graduate students presenting either an oral presentation or poster are eligible. Award decisions are based on application answers, abstract clarity, and content. Awards include free meeting registration and workshop attendance, two nights stay at a hotel, a one-year membership to the American Fisheries Society (AFS), a one-year NY Chapter AFS membership. Recipients are asked to attend the business meeting to accept their award.

Presentations on any topic are welcome for the contributed sessions.

Application (3 parts):

  1. Pick an issue or problem in fisheries that interests you. In 400 words, describe the issue and two different positions or perspectives of stakeholders, management or anyone involved in the issue. (examples: harvest allocation, commercial vs. sport fishers, stocking nonnative species, overfishing, water diversion)
  2. List one individual that works in the northeastern fisheries & aquatic sciences community that you would like to talk with at the meeting and explain why (200 words). This must be someone you do not currently work with or study with. This person does not have to be attending the meeting and could be a graduate student, agency scientist, technician, or professor.
  3. Your submitted presentation which including title, abstract, authors, author affiliations.

Submit application on NY Chapter of the American Fisheries Society website:

Send any questions to Susan Cushman, Student Subunit Chair, [email protected]

Application Deadline: January 25, 2023

  • If submitting more than one presentation to the meeting, please pick only one to use in your travel award
  • Applicants must also submit their abstracts in the online registration, applying for this award does not register you or your presentation for the meeting!

About the Klumb-Spindler Travel Award:

The New York fisheries community lost two beloved colleagues in 2013. Dr. Robert Klumb, the lead research biologist for the USFWS Great Lakes Plains Office, and Maegan Spindler, a USFWS technician, had just finished a 12-hour day of fish sampling on the Missouri River when they were killed by a drunk driver. Maegan grew up in central New York and received a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Science from SUNY-ESF while Rob, a Milwaukee Wisconsin native, received his PhD from Cornell University working on Alewife bioenergetics. Both were active in the New York Chapter and this award commemorates their dedication to fostering student involvement in the New York fisheries and aquatic community.

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