Diversity “Travel” Award – 2021 Annual Meeting


Please consider applying for the Diversity Travel Award for the 2021 annual meeting – see link and description below

Applications DUE 2/5

Diversity Travel Award (.pdf)

The New York Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is offering diversity-based “travel” awards to attend their annual meeting, February 24-26, 2021 held through a virtual meeting platform (Whova). The meeting’s theme is “Embracing Diversity: Resilient Fishes and Fisheries”. These awards are designed to encourage diversity within the chapter, allowing recipients from underrepresented groups within fisheries the opportunity to attend the annual meeting and engage with members the fisheries community. The award will include a one-year membership to the American Fisheries Society, a one-year NY Chapter membership, and a $150 check. Recipients are asked to log in to the virtual business meeting (Feb 25) to accept their award.

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