Job Opening: Cortland, NY – Fish Biologist

Fish Biologist

US Fish and Wildlife Service,  Announcement Number: R5-19-10584431-JLS-DE


The duty location of this position will be located at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Tunison Laboratory of Aquatic Science in Cortland, New York

This is a full-time Term position which will be supervised by the Lamar NFH and Northeast Fishery Center in Lamar, Pennsylvania and will not convey permanent status in the Federal service. The position will be for a period not to exceed one year and one day with the possibility for extensions up to a total of four years without further competition.


As a Fish Biologist, you will be responsible for the following:

-Design laboratory and field-based experiments to inform fisheries restoration efforts
-Applied research on Coregonine rearing practices, including investigations on typical propagation variables such as diet, density, lighting, temperature, marking technologies, and nature-like rearing environments
-Stocking practices (e.g. time, location, size at stocking) that optimize survival of hatchery products
-Laboratory-based and field monitoring and assessments to evaluate fitness and survival of hatchery products, and
-Investigations contributing to domestic broodstock development for Coregonines