Diversity Travel Award

The New York Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is offering two diversity-based “travel” awards to attend the annual meeting, March9-11, 2022 held through a virtual meeting platform. The meeting’s theme is “Fishing the Canyons: From Skyscrapers to the NY Bight”. These awards are designed to encourage diversity within the chapter, allowing recipients from underrepresented groups within fisheries the opportunity to attend the annual meeting and engage with members the fisheries community. The award will include a one-year membership to the American Fisheries Society, a one-year NY Chapter membership, and a $150 check.
Recipients are asked to join the virtual business meeting to accept their award.

This year, there are two awards available:

  1. Given to any member of an underrepresented group (minority genders, including but not limited to cis and trans women, trans men, non-binary, genderqueer, agender, ethnic or racial minority, other affinity group).
  2. Given specifically to a member of the Native American or Indigenous Peoples Community.

Application (2 steps): Both steps are now completed using an online form through our Awards Page.

  1. Write A Short Essay (1-2 paragraphs maximum)
    Please describe your interests or experiences that demonstrate your involvement in fisheries or other natural resource related issues and explain your reason(s) for wanting to attend the annual NYCAFS meeting. Experience may include activities at home or the community, volunteer work, workshops, employment, and/or school.
  2. Complete the “Diversity Questionnaire”

Applications Due: February 25, 2022

Decision Notification: Committee members will conduct the selection process and will notify the selected applicants of the award decision via email by March1st, 2022.

Questions: Send email to Diversity Chair Stacy Furgal ([email protected]) and Professional Incentives Chair Emily Zollweg-Horan ([email protected]) with ‘NYCAFS Diversity Travel Award’ as the subject.