Karin Limburg
Professor, Department of Environmental and Forest Biology


I’m a professor of fisheries and ecosystem sciences at the Department of Environmental and Forest Biology at SUNY ESF.  My fisheries interests span all salinities, and my research currently extends from Lake Erie to the Baltic Sea.  I’ve studied how economic drivers enable sprawl development, and how that in turn affects watershed function and stream/river integrity.  I’ve studied migratory fishes and have learned that migration is more than a matter of getting from here to there.  Currently my research is divided between diadromous fishes of the Hudson River watershed, and studies of how hypoxia affects fish populations.

In terms of AFS involvement, currently I serve as president of the Estuaries Section.  Prior to that, I served on an ad-hoc committee concerning development of a policy stance on economic growth.  I also served on the NYS Chapter’s executive committee when first coming to SUNY ESF, in 1999.

As president of the New York Chapter, I would like to see us engage more with the national society.  Unless our members actually belong to AFS, their NYS membership does not actually make them true AFS members.  I would like to explore mechanisms better to integrate the chapter, as other state chapters have done.  Additionally, I would like to keep the momentum going on the great up-tick in attendance at the NYS Chapter meetings, especially the student participation.  I am also very encouraged by increased participation by Native Americans in our meetings, and would like to foster more of that.  Finally, our chapter has engaged in activities with the NYSDEC, such as advising on T&E species in need of attention.  I hope we can continue to serve in this role, and others as opportunities arise.