Raffle Items Needed for

New York Chapter, American Fisheries Society

2018 Annual Meeting


Hello New York Chapter AFS members and friends!

I am looking for some help to put together the raffle at our annual meeting early next February.  If you have an item or items that could be raffled off to help support our student travel program, I'd love to hear from you!  That old box of tackle that you inherited from your aunt?  That canoe sitting in your backyard, untouched for years?  Last year's oxygen meter that you've replaced with the latest and greatest model?  We can raffle any and all of the above.  And of course, if you are with an agency that would like to make a donation, or you know a store that might provide a gift certificate or tangible object, please "make the ask."


Thank-you!  Karin Limburg, 

NYC-AFS President-elect

[email protected]